Hi! Welcome to the UNLSA Archive page. Here you will be able find old publications, records and assets that the Organisation has generated over the years. Archiving has been fairly good since 2011, however few documents from before then have been found.

If you have been involved with the UNLSA in the past, and especially pre-2011, please send anything related to the organisation to archive@unlsa.com where we'll review it (check that it's not duplicated and/or sensitive information) and add it to the site. This would be hugely appreciated!

Phase 1 refers to the building of the archive site itself. Materials are currently buried in the various UNLSA websites, however are not available to the public. This site aims to make things available for the long term.

Phase 2 refers to the initial loading of the archive with material generated in 2016.

Phase three involves publishing of materials from previous years.

Phase 4 involves the continued publishing of UNLSA data.

  • Publications

    A lot of work goes into the various publications that the UNLSA produces every year. Take a look at some of the writing previous committees and law students have collaborated on.  

  • Media

    The UNLSA produces some quality media from time to time, and we hope to preserve some of it here. Current media can be found on our Youtube and Flickr pages.

  • Records

    Legislative and constitutional requirements mean that the organisation continues to generate reports and records explaining what has happened in a financial year or meeting for example.

  • Other Items

    Random documents are a fact of life. If there are any deemed worthy of preservation, we'll stick them here.

  • Archived materials are categorised into 4 main groups: Published documents, Media, Records, and Miscellaneous materials.

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